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KinkstersChat needs YOUR help!

We are absolutely thrilled that so many chatters have joined us at

As we find our site growing and getting busier, we also find that we are in need of ChatMods to help us keep an eye on the chat we all love. Being a ChatMod with KC is a very enjoyable experience, as we believe strongly in a chat environment that self moderates. ChatMods are often there to simply ensure that the server rules are followed and that chat disruptions are kept to a minimum... and to continue doing what they do best... CHAT!!

Being a ChatMod with KC is, as implied, mostly about being a social engineer. The most important skill you need, as a starting point, is to be able to talk to our chatters and to be able, and willing, to discreetly safeguard our rules and philosophy. We don't believe in public reprimands if it's avoidable, and we believe it is, in most cases. We are all here to have fun and be social! We will be with you all the way, guiding your start and being available for you to ask questions and further your knowledge and competence level so you might thrive in your role with us.

Do you feel you are a friendly, composed and helpful chatter? One that enjoys greeting others, talking and helping out? Then come join us in making KC the best place to chat on the net! We always have opportunities for motivated chatters to join our team. Have a look around the server, if you think there is a particular room that you might be able to help out with, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your ideas for promotion and getting a good solid chat base into these rooms. We also need general ChatMods that are able to give us a reasonable amount of time each day in some of the busier rooms as well as be available to greet newcomers in the less busy ones.

If you are interested in hearing more about being a ChatMod with us, able to contribute some of your time, and social skills, please contact our CMM team (listed below), either directly by sending a PM or contacting us on our email: cmm [AT] kinksterschat [dot] com





We look forward to hearing from you!!