The Philosophy of Kinksters Chat

At KinkstersChat our goal is to offer fellow kinksters a place to relax, have fun and meet like-minded individuals. We wish for our chatters to learn, grow and explore, through the exchange of ideas, the discussion of a variety of lifestyle topics, roleplaying with others or simply by engaging in casual chat.

Our rules are purposefully kept at a minimum in order to give our chatters as wide a range of options as possible. This means that we give our chatters the freedom to pursue their fantasies, but in the same vein it is a freedom that comes with responsibilities, primarily the responsibility to be, and act, adult.

The rules make up KinkstersChat's core philosophy, and they are meant to function as a framework for the behaviour we encourage and wish to see in our chatters but also in ourselves. We believe that by being tolerant, open minded, respectful, as well as subscribing to YKINMKBYKIOK, we all help in creating a fun, friendly and welcoming chat.

KinkstersChat is an adult network, which means we require our chatters to both be legally adult (18+ on, over the age of consent, as well as able and willing to display adult behaviour, by acting adult in allowing room for everyone to be able to co-exist on KinkstersChat. Above all else, we wish for our chatters to be mature, responsible and friendly people, who join us in chat in order to have fun, get along and expand their horizons. We firmly believe that a core element in creating, and maintaining, a fun and friendly chat environment, is for our team to be intimately familiar and in sync with our rules, and our philosophy. In short, we want, and need, you to believe in our philosophy, just like we do.