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I'd never seen snow before, and the first time I saw it... I saw it with him. He smiled as he watched my eyes light up and the smile spread over my face. I felt like my cheeks were going to split. I was freezing, and the hems of my jeans were soaking wet, but I didn't care. I was with him, and we had snow. He tugged gently on my braided hair and laughed softly as I wrinkled my nose then poked my tongue out. I almost felt like a child, refusing to go inside and get warm. "Just five minutes more... pleeeeease?" I almost stomped my foot, but realised it wouldn't get me what I wanted. He gave my braid another gentle tug and I stepped closer into him. His lips found mine and I rubbed the tip of my icy nose against his with a soft giggle. "That beanie is ridiculous, and adorable." "I know. That's what makes it so perfect for me. I wish I could cartwheel." He looked confused for just a second then shook his head let go of my braid. "Five minutes more, and then *we're* going **inside**." My face fell a little, but then I realised those five minutes could be pure magic if I let them.

"Thank you, Master." I grinned and tried to look as graceful as possible as I trudged off, under a nearby tree. I moved around as stealthily as possible. He wasn't fooled for a second, and just as I raised my arm to throw the perfectly made snowball he just stared at me, his eyes sparkling under the beautiful winter sun. "Don't. Even. Think. About. It. Slut." I couldn't help it. I whimpered and the snowball fell from the palm of my hand, and crumpled under the weight of itself as it hit the ground. My knees buckled a little. To most others that would have been nothing but insulting. To me, that was almost better than any other term of endearment that comes to mind. I leaned against the tree and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. I could feel him staring at me, and feel him smiling. He had a magical ability of knowing what that word, and words similar to it did to me. Well, maybe not magical. Maybe it was the fact that he'd watched/listened to me come undone every time he used them, at just the right moment, so many times before. *"Cum for me, slut."* The memory of all the times it had happened rocked through me, and my fingers curled against the bark of the tree. I heard the snow crunch beneath his feet as he walked over to me. His fingers moved over mine and squeezed them gently. "Time to come inside, angel."

I looked up at him, through hazy eyes and smiled, albeit weakly. He chuckled, this slightly deep, knowing chuckle. "Knowing" because he was enjoying this particular moment, far too much, knowing exactly what that word had done to me. I moved my thumb across his fingers and pressed it to them gently, as I stood up straight. "I don't know if it's possible, but fuck it... We're trying. Get on my back." I looked at him confused for a second, but once more, as I so often had been known to do with him, I just went with it. I laughed as he "assumed the position." Mostly, at the vast difference, and incredible similarities between what "assume the position" meant for the two of us, respectively, and then... I moved up onto his back, moved my arms over his shoulders, and locked my legs around his hips. He laughed as his hands cupped my thighs and I moved one arm under his armpit, then linked my fingers together over his chest, pressing my chest firmly to his back, and holding onto him as tightly as possible. He started to walk and I looked around uneasily, just waiting for him to lose his footing.

I guess, maybe I wanted him to... apprehensively so, but I wanted him to. "Wait, I don't like being back here. But I also don't like being at the front, but... this is, weird. I'm too old for piggyback rides!" with that, I slid down from his back, and moved in front of him, then smiled up at him as I locked one of my legs around one of his hips and moved my arms over his shoulders. He held the leg already around his hip in place, and gently, but still strongly lifted the other around his other hip. I looked up into his eyes, those brilliantly shining eyes and kissed him gently. He walked slowly, with purpose toward a house somewhere behind us, and just as he passed a fence line, he lost his footing and down we fell. In a heap of legs, arms and giggles we fell together. I looked up at the man on top of me, and tenderly stroked his cheek, as he did that annoying and endearing thing he does, when he's checking to make sure I'm okay. "I'm fine. Nothing is broken, nothing is sprained... I might be slightly bruised, but that's definitely nothing new. Well, the new part is that this time, it was accidental." A wide grin split his lips and he kissed me, deeply. "Careful, angel... Or I won't beat you for Christmas." My face fell and I looked up at him with the saddest expression I could paint across my face at a moment's notice. "But, Master! That's not fair! ---and you promised!" I'd never seen him look so pleased at my ever-so-slight brat-ing and whining. "I know I promised... and I'm going to beat you, black and blue."

He ran his nose up the side of my neck and breathed deeply, as his fingers circled around my wrists, and pinned them above my head. "I can actually smell, how desperately you need to be beaten, and it's beautiful." I moaned softly as he growled his tantalizing words into my ear. His accent washing over me, and over my mind, making me a little dizzy. "This beautiful, complex mix of desire, need, lust and desperation. The pain-slut in you, has the most intoxicating scent." My hips raised from the blanket of snow beneath them, and pushed forward against his. I let my nails trail down the back of his neck and I looked up at him, with eyes wider than he'd ever seen them. He smiled down at me, and raked his teeth down my throat, just firmly enough for me to purr against them. "Oh, did I say something *just* right again, baby?" I whimpered softly, I almost mewed out of frustration, and arousal. (Mostly arousal.) His hand slipped between us, and his fingers worked deftly, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding my zipper down. "This, is why I told you, to wear a dress." Still I didn't say a word, for a second a look of defiance flashed across my face, but it disappeared just as suddenly as it had come, when his fingers slid down the front of my jeans, and his fingertips danced just over my clitoris. I moaned softly, and pushed my hips a little more firmly to his, begging him with my body to enter to me, to fill me, to claim me. Right here, in the snow.

I had many wishes for Christmas this year, somehow I doubted this one, would ever come true, and yet... here we were. Tangled up in each other in the snow, and just as I thought he was only going to tease me, his fingers slid inside me. He separated his fingers just enough, and I writhed beneath him as his fingers stretched me open. It was a beautiful, demented kind of joy that spread over his face, as I bit back the hiss fighting to escape while his fingers parted inside me, slowly. Almost tortuously, so. "It's my favourite part." He almost whispered. "Watching you, just writhe beneath me. Feeling you stretch around me. I almost... want to see how far I can bend you, before I break you, entirely." The last part wasn't whispered, and it wasn't mumbled... it was hoarsely uttered, almost through gritted teeth as his fingers spread further apart, and I winced. My hips arched and my teeth sank into my bottom lip. My fingers twisted and curled over. My long nails dug deeply into the palms of my hands, they did break the skin and I cried out. His other hand closed around my throat and I swear I could have orgasmed, right then. "The best collar you can wear for me, baby..." A moan escaped my lips at "baby", that tiny little glimpse of tenderness amid the chaos crashing through my body was almost too much. A moan, a sigh, a purr, whatever it was, was silenced completely by his hand squeezing my throat, almost gently as he pushed his fingers deeper inside me, harder than before. "The best collar, you can wear for me, baby... are my fingerprints around your throat."

I purred against the palm of his hand and looked up into his eyes, imploring him to cease his teasing, and just... "Fuck me, Master. Please." I didn't want him to make love to me. I didn't want us to be "intimate" in that soft, gentle, kind of way. I wanted us to be intimate in a way that, only we could really understand. I wanted him to destroy me. "Please?" it came out in a breathy whisper, my eyes fluttering closed as his fingers closed around my throat a little tighter. Then, he slowly pushed a third finger inside me. His other two, still spread out. The third, jutting out slightly, so it would continue to stretch me open, as it entered me. "Oh... God." barely managed to escape my mouth as his hand remained locked around my throat. I could feel his erection, even through his jeans, pressing against the back of my thigh, and it drove me a little closer toward the edge of that beautiful oblivion. The fingers inside me fanned a little further apart, still. I tried to lay still, and he knew how hard I was trying. **He fucking knew** and so, true to form, he forced his fingers deeper, he drove them in harder and faster. Still spread, still forcing me open around him. My walls contracted, clenched around his fingers, in a vice like grip and it made me cry out. Loudly, without heed for anyone or anything that might have heard me. His hand left my throat and it came down across my cheek with a sharp slap. It felt like shards of glass grating over my skin. The freezing wind, on my already cold skin, teamed with that perfectly executed slap. I cried out again, as his fingers kept driving into me. I couldn't lay still any longer. My legs began to shake. My back arched so high, my arse lifted from the snow and it made everything tighter. It made me claw at the freezing blanket of pure white beneath me. Still he wouldn't stop. I cried out again, and my eyes closed tightly. Then, I felt his hand come down across my skin once more. "Look at me, slut. You want to cum, and you know it." I refused to open my eyes, terrified something would slip away, or creep in that would rip me from this moment.

"You will look at me, and you will look at me, right now!" His voice was so powerful, even if I could feel his arm shaking. His breathing was ragged, as he slapped my face again and my eyes were shocked open. "Don't you dare close your eyes again, my little slut." and as he growled out those final three words he drove his fingers deeper, and harder still. I screamed. From pain, from pleasure... from agony, from ecstasy. I screamed. My walls contracted a final time as an orgasm ripped through my body. It didn't gently shove me there, it hurled me into the dark and blindingly bright oblivion he always got me to, and all I could was cling to the arm he had outstretched, his fingers still laid out against my cheek. I couldn't even cling to it. My arms fell weakly to my sides and he looked down at me, his eyes filled with twisted joy, and a distorted kind of pride. I looked up at him, with eyes that could hardly see as snow began to fall over my lashes and land upon my skin. I tried to take his hand, to hold onto any part of him, as I whispered out the words... "Thank you, Master." He looked down at me tenderly, and pressed his lips to my forehead. He knew I wasn't thanking him for the orgasm alone, he knew it was for more than tht. I didn't need to say anymore. He however, did. As I attempted to move from underneath him, he pushed me back down onto my back. That beautiful, twisted grin curled his lips and then I felt them move again. I felt them fanning out. It was excruciating, and it was exquisite. I shuddered, and I sighed... I let out a barely audible cry... and still, he just smiled as he left his fingers spread, and his fingertips curling inside me. "Oh no, baby... I'm not done with you just yet. I'm going to make you ache."

To be continued....