KinkstersChat Rooms


APRIL 2017

Hello fellow kinksters,

Mid-ish April 2017 we changed our rules. You probably know this already. You probably read through them (or hopefully you did, cos they apply to your use of KC also). Some of you will disagree with the changes, and claim things such as “this is a limitation of my right to free expression” or “this is kinkshaming”. Some might even, once the reasoning is explained to them, say such as “why do the majority have to suffer because of a few bad eggs?”.

First of all. The changes we made were a long time coming. It was not something we did just for the heck of it. We want you to know that, cos it seems like a bunch of you believe just that.

It also seems a lot of people are under the impression that we did this due to legal or financial pressure. We assure you, this is also not the case. Nor is it because our rules needed to be longer - we enjoyed having as few rules as possible.

Why then, you ask? The rule changes came about due to the large (yes, large, not the minority, or 1% or whatever else arbitrary measurements you’ve thrown at us in the days after the change) amount of chatters who fundamentally do not understand the difference between roleplaying and reality. It boils down to something as simple as that.

Could we educate people better? Most likely. Should we? Possibly, at least we are going to try going forward. Now, at the very core of KinkstersChat is BDSM and fetish. Kink, if you will. What is NOT at the core of KC is the abuse of actual children. However, that is what we have been battling for a while - people coming in, primarily in #FamilyAffairs, and breaking both the previous iteration of the rules, as well as the spirit of what KC is about.

We have absolutely NO choice but to make the decision we did, to combat the increase in people outside of OUR lifestyle who use OUR servers for their own "enjoyment", regardless of the pain and suffering of others, regardless of the potential consequences of their actions, not just to us, and KC, but to all of you as chatters and participants in the party that is KC. Not to mention the victims of their "play".

We no longer allow any sorts of incestplay or incestfantasies, as a direct result of that aforementioned large group of chatters. We’ve allowed incestplay for years and we don’t shame it for the kink that it is (so long as we are talking incestplay where we deal in strict roleplay, and not real life). We simply do not allow it any longer on KC. We do however allow the bdsm fetish that is kinkfamilyplay - this means you can still play Daddy/girl and Mommy/boy or any mixture you like. You can still have a kinkfamily, but it cannot be of an incestuous nature - not at KC. We’ve created a new room for kinkfamilies and guardian-play in #CozyTime.

We no longer allow any sort of bestiality play either, as we have a strong stance on the abuse of animals. We’ve had to moderate far too many “animallovers” to want to allow even the fantasy of such animal encounters on KC. Petplay and furryplay is still allowed, which means if your kink is humanoid-petplay - go right ahead. If you want to roleplay a werewolf, but you really mean a dog, then fuck off.

As always, we do not allow ANY content that deals with underaged persons. This means that any life-like drawing you have of someone underaged is not allowed. It means that hentai pertaining to children or childlike characters is not allowed on KC. We do however allow the legal fetish of ageplay, where two consenting adults engage in play on age - be it with props or with simple freeform fantasy, so long as it is without the involvement of actual children (real or imaginary). Please be aware that ANY underaged content you share or have shared to you is de facto child pornography because it is shared on an adult sexchat. Even the most innocent of shares is included in this.

Be KINK RESPONSIBLE, people. Play by our rules, and report any chatter who do not play by the rules, so we may continue to enjoy kink and fetish without the abusers polluting the chat.

If you have any questions about the changes, feel free to pop into #Help and ask them, or send us an e-mail to admin at kinksterschat dot com.

You can read the updated rules by following this link.