KinkstersChat Rooms


APRIL 2014

As most of you are probably already aware, we at KC recently upgraded our KinkyKams client, resulting in a much more stable connection, and an overall better experience for all our chatters.

In the spirit of transparency and in accordance with the KinkstersChat philosophy, we would like to inform all chatters that we now have the ability to view a "master cam list".

What this means is that, in the event a complaint is received about a chatter performing illegal activities on their KinkyKams stream, we have the ability to view that feed before making a decision on whether:

a) the chatter should be warned,

b) the chatter's stream should be terminated


c) the chatter should be banned from KinkstersChat.

Before we had this ability, chatters were potentially exposed to needless bans, or false reports being made about them, to the KinkstersChat administration teams as we, for obvious reasons, had to err on the side of caution and take a complaint at face value in the interests of our chatters and, in some cases, to ensure that minors are not connected to KinkstersChat or broadcast over one of our chatters' streams. As you know, under 18s have never and will never be permitted on KinkstersChat.

With this new ability, the KC administration teams are now able to confirm illegal activity prior to banning or warning a chatter, which will obviously dramatically reduce, if not eradicate, bans or warnings being issued in error whilst still maintaining the safest environment possible for our adult chatters.

The members of the KC administration teams and the only people able to view the master cam list, are:





Please note that this ability applies only to our KinkyKams client and not to chat, or PMs in chat. As always, private messages sent between chatters at KinkstersChat are private and will never be viewable by anyone other than the intended participants. If you have any questions about the new KinkyKams administration ability, and/or the circumstances under which we will, or will not, use it, please contact any of the administration team members directly via a Private Message in chat, or feel free to mail the administration teams at cmm [AT] kinksterschat [DOT] com