KinkstersChat Rooms


MARCH 2015

We've now ventured into our third year of kinky fun at KC. Lots of things have changed since the very beginning where it was just a handful of kinky folks joining us to have fun chatting with one another. Our goal remains to offer a fun and kinky place where people in and out of the lifestyle can come to chat, to meet new people, to get new experiences, to learn from one another, and to simply have adult fun.

KinkstersChat grows slowly but surely, and we love being able to expand our knowledge alongside you. During the past three years we've seen many people come and go, most of them have stuck around which pleases us greatly. We love meeting new people, and we love being able to offer a dynamic place to chat where we all come from different places, looking for different things... and knowing that's OK. Whether you come to KC to simply chat and share your experiences (of the legal sort, of course), or if you come to live out your dirty fantasies in adult roleplay, you are equally welcome... and we look forward to getting to know you :-)

As a new feature this year, you are able to type /helpop your-message-goes-here and get help, or if no one is around and active, that way leave a message for our staff to see once they get back. Remember to check out the rules /rules as well as who's an admin /admin so you know how to get in touch with us. We can't wait to chat!