KinkstersChat Rooms

At some point we might be building at KC!

New, modern look,
designed to be feature rich and intuitive

All content 100% Free, 100% Of The Time!!

(On the way in the future, maybe..!)

On KC you'll get a fully customisable profile! Set your own avatar, share (or not) pictures, video, music to your albums, which can be set to private (your eyes only), friends only and public. Use your photos, videos or sounds in journal entries on your blog, to spice up your life (or the re-telling of your life :D)

Tell your friends, or the world, what you are doing right this minute by setting your status message! Don't want to be disturbed right now, but still want to perv? Set your online-status to off, away or busy.

On KC we offer you not only private messaging, but also private emailing, AND video messages!!! Yes, that's right, you can send video messages to your friends! :D Use the video capability either directly from the site, or download our free client and keep in touch with friends, even when you can't be on our website!

Want to keep up with what your friends have been up to in your absence? Check out their timeline! You have one too :D Again, you decide what goes on there, and what does not - customisable'R'us!

For our literary friends, we offer Sexy Stories, a place where authors can share the stories they want to tell the world, read the works of others, and have others do the same! Make it good, and we'll feature you on our front page ;)

We love <3 to socialise and we want to make socialisation as easy and as fun for you as we can! Aside from offering you a forum, and an awesome event-system where you can advertise what's going on near you, we also offer fully-featured groups, where you and your friends, your munch or your lifestyle family can create and share albums, events, a forum and your writings, be it publicly or privately! Share comments, messages and much more...

Best thing?? You can TAG **everything** and you can search for **everything** on KC with our powerful search functionality! This means you can find pictures, videos, or even profiles that match the kink or person you are interested in!

And in case you didn't find the droids you were looking for, try a shout out in our shoutbox, featured on our front page!

And did we mention? It's alllll free! Forever! We'll never charge our members for access to any of the awesomely cool features we offer on KC.

Want to support us? Well the best way is to use the site, chat with us, contribute and upload your stuff ... we don't want your money, we just want you to have fun and be able to express yourself YOUR way!!

Come on in, we're waiting for you!!